BIOSTIME Group was founded in 1999 and listed on the main board of the HongKong Stock Exchange (stock code: 01112). It strives to become a global leader in the premium nutrition and wellness industry, with“making people healthier and happier”its mission. The Group has leading positions in both the Chinese baby nutrition and care market and the Australian vitamin, herbal and mineral supplements market.

Brands & Service

  • 妈妈100
  • 葆艾
  • 合生元
  • 素加
  • 父母能量

Human Resource

Hand in Hand for a Career with Love
BIOSTIME has been awarded “the Best Employer” for three consecutive years
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Research and Quality Control

In scientific research team
  • 70
    more than 70% are with master's degree or above
  • 30
    more than 30% have overseas background

Investor Relations

For the Year ended 31 December 2016
The Group's Total Revenue
The Group's Net Profit

Hand in Hand with Love

The core value of "hand in hand with the mom, only for the baby" by BIOSTIME group is not only reflected in the product, but also reflected in the continuing public welfare activities. We cooperated with investors, partners, government and media, employees, consumers to actively promote the sustainable development of society, and work together for the baby's growth.

Creating Shared Value

By joining hands with its partners, BIOSTIME strives for long-term partnership and mutual development to improve its management as well as customer satisfaction, thereby constantly providing consumers with high-quality products and service.

Address of headquarter
Consumers counseling
Regarding all the inquiries or complaints about the product, please write to or call the company's customer service department.
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Business Hours: 9:00-21:00, Monday to Sunday (for Business Hours during public holidays ,please note the bulletin on the front page of BIOSTIME’s website)
Please dial 020-3818 9999 to inform us if you have exclusive media resources (telecasts or online videos)
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