Hand in hand with Research

  • International research talent
    International research talent

    International research talent

    In scientific research team

    more than 70% are with master's degree or above

    more than 30% have overseas background

  • Professional technical platform
    Professional technical platform

    Professional technical platform

    One research institute

    BIOSTIME Nutrition and Nursing Research Institute (BINC)

    One medical and clinical research center
    There major R&D center

    R&D center in Guangzhou science city

    R&D center in Ireland in Europe

    R&D center of Adimil nutrition in Changsha

  • Special Innovation Pattern
    Special Innovation Pattern

    Special Innovation Pattern

    Professional technical platform

    Joint R & D and in-depth cooperation in China and abroad

    Big data base to optimize the development of products

    Self-owned MAMA 100 member system to build a large database

    Guidelines for Product optimization on probiotics, milk powder and diapers and other categories

    The development of innovative health products

Hand in hand with Quality Control

  • Four major bases and globalization of production

    • France
    • GuangZhou
    • Chang Sha
    • Hang Zhuo
  • SVRLI principle to focus on best quality

    • Safety
      establish and implement a strict system for food safety and quality
    • Value
      customers first, to provide customers with value
    • Responsibility
      strict control on all the process of production and operation
    • Listening
      actively listening to and understanding the expectations from customers on quality
    • Improvement
      provide safe, high quality and value-added products and continue improvement.
  • Laboratories in China and abroad
    Stringent Quality Control

    • laboratory for quality control in Toulouse ,France
    • The Central Laboratory in Guangzhou
    • Laboratory in Changsha
  • 8 criteria
    systematic supervision

    • two system step by step:
      quality management system, food safety system
    • The double standard for multiple guarantee:
      EU standards, China standard
    • The four firewall layers of regulation:
      the government of origin country, foreign suppliers, Chinese government ,the internal control of BIOSTIME in China